DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS Photo Competition titled Man, Nature, Culture in the Aegean

In an effort to expose the wealth of the Aegean Islands and at the same time to encourage amateur photographers, DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS announces the start of a photography competition titled ''Man, Nature, Culture in the Aegean'. The Aegean Islands are places of exquisite beauty. Many of them are well-known while others are hidden like valuable pearls. The aim of this competition is to encourage participants to discover them and capture them using their photographic lenses. Our islands deserve our help to make their beauties known throughout the world. Therefore we invite you to take part in our competition, to capture the beauties of our islands, and we, through our website, will share them with the rest of the world.


The competition is open to men and women (regardless nationality) aged 16 and over. Employees of DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS as well as their first-degree relatives are not allowed to participate.



Closing date for the 2021 photography competition is the 15th February 2023.


Each entry can participate with one (1) up to five (5) photos, each one picturing preferably a different island.

In order to join the competition you must send:

1. Photographs in digital form, in JPEG format and a 300 dpi screen resolution.

2. The competition entry filled and signed.

Photographs and the competition entry filled and signed must be sent by e-mail at [email protected]

Please make sure that the resolution of photos is not reduced when sending the e-mail. The resolution of photosshould not be less than 300 dpi.


All participants must fill-in, sign and send us the following form:



The judging committee consists of executives of DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS as well as well-known dodecanesian photographers. Their names will be announced with the results. The judging committee will determine for the three first awards. After online voting, the public will determine the "Audience Award".


Winners will be awarded four prizes, first, second, third and the "Audience Award" regardless of the island pictured in each picture, as well as a honorary award. The winner prizes are:

1st WINNER: 500 € worth of photography equipment or ten (10) free round trip tickets

2nd WINNER: 350 € worth of photography equipment or five (5) free round trip tickets

3rd WINNER: 150 € worth of photography equipment or (3) free round trip tickets

AUDIENCE AWARD: 100 € worth of photography equipment or (3) free round trip tickets

DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS AWARD: 100 € worth of photography equipment or (3) free round trip tickets


  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for money.
  • The winner has the right to travel to any of DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS destinations (except for international ones).
  • Tickets can be used during specific time periods and must be edeemed within one (1) year. The beginning of the year is the day final results were announced.
  • Every participant that wins one or more honorary awards is entitled one (1) free round trip ticket.
  • The photography equipment store is chosen by the DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS.
  • Tickets are strictly personal and not transferable.


Copyrights of the first three photographs as well as the photographs that have been awarded a honorary prize belong also to DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS and therefore the company reserves the right to use them in advertising and other printed material. The participants warrant that they have obtained permission from the persons pictured in their photographs. Additions in the photos such as borders, frames, watermarks, signatures or copyright notices are not permitted.


The names of the winners of the new 2022 photography competition will be announced within March 2023 with publications in the local press, our website and on company Facebook page. They will also be sent via email to everyone that participated.

If you have any further questions regarding any of the above, please send us an email to [email protected] or call us on +30 22410 70590.