For your better service you can deliver your small parcels or envelopes at our head offices in 3 Australias St. or to our ticketing office located in Kolona port even a few days before the departure. From that point we undertake their safe delivery to our ship and the location of your choice.

Few characteristic examples of charges from Rhodes according to the new price list:

● Washing machine to Symi: approx. 62 kg x 0,50€ / kg = 31€

● Fridge to Symi: approx. 70 kg x 0,50€ / kg = 35€

● Car batteries to Kos: approx. 16 kg and at the size of a double milk carton box = 7,5 €

● Outboard engine 30hp with its propeller to Fournous: approx. 102 kg x 0,90€ / kg = 97,8€

● Big sack with sponges to Symi: approx. 5 kg is charged to the category of up to 20 kg (due to its big size) = 6€

● Flour sack to Samos: approx. 50 kg is charged to the category “Over 20kg: Charge per kg” x 0,90 = 45€ and therefore is not recommended

Price list exceptions

● 25 kg Cement is charged at the category of up to 20 kg

● 20 kg Polystyrene box with baits is charged to the category of up to 20 kg

● 24pack of 0,5l or 12pack of 1,5l of water bottles are charged to the category of up to 10 kg

Notes – Remarks 

1. All prices are in Euro and include VAT

2. There will be no additional special agreements with the company; all senders will pay the respective price based on price list.

3. Payment is made in advance by the sender and for its overall cost.

4. We recommend customers sending heavy goods of small value (i.e. potatoes, watermelon, bottled waters, flour etc.) to send them with big passenger ships.