The purchase of tickets for passengers and vehicles can be carried through:

Via the central company's agency that is located at Kolona Port, Rhodes
Via the present site, www.12ne.gr
By telephone at +3022410 70590 using your credit card and identity card
Via any collaborating Dodecanese travel agency
Via any collaborating travel agency in Greece or abroad
Transfer order receipts can only be edited either at central port agencies or from purser's office staff.

Each passenger's ticket is personal, bears the passenger's name, is not transferable.

Tickets can be changed at any travel agency, irrespective of the agency that issued them, since the travel agent agrees.

Passengers must secure their place in time, especially during peak seasons.

Tickets that have been purchased through the company's site on the internet or through telephone are e-tickets wich will be sent to the passengers via email. When the boarding the vessel, passengers show e-ticket.

Currency on board is the EURO.


This update concerns the change in the registration of persons traveling by passenger ships operating to or from Hellenic Ports in accordance with Presidential Decree 102/2019 (A'182) amending the provisions of Presidential Decree. 23/1999. According to the amendments, in order to be able to register occupants, tickets will only be issued if the following are listed in the foreseen areas of the program the passenger's surname, name of the passenger-in writing, gender-male/female, citizenship, date of birth. When reserving a ticket (either online or at a travel agent), the passenger must provide full details of his / her ID, telephone number and e-mail in order to be noticed and informed by the company in the case of any delay or cancellation of the itinerary. In the case that the passenger is not willing to provide the company with his contact details this is noted on the ticket. Online Reservations: the passenger fills in his contact details in the appropriate fields available or chooses the option "I do not want to be informed in the case of any delay or cancellation of the itinerary". The passenger must also check that the details printed on the ticket are correct (date, time, itinerary, vessels name, ID details, etc.) and not to accept any ticket in the case something is wrongly printed.


The price of the ticket (fare) includes the transportation of the passenger to the port of arrival, the class which has been selected and appears on the ticket, as well as any additional legal expenses (i.e. port expenses e.t.c.). Snacks and beverages from the ship's bar are not included in the price of the ticket.

Information about ticket prices is provided on our official web page.

The Company grants the passengers reductions according to its commercial policy.


Children under the age of 4 years, 11 months, 29 days travel free of charge.

A 50% discount is offered to children from 5 years old to 10 years, 11 months, 29 days of age.

People with reduced mobility, whose degree of disability exceeds a certain percentage of 80%, get a 50% discount on the ticket price.

For group reservations, offers can be made after special agreement.

Any reductions applied to the fare are not cumulative. If more than one reduction is applicable, then only the largest one is granted. Passengers entitled to a reduction must declare so during the time of reservation and show all relative documents both while issuing the relevant reduction tickets and while boarding the Vessel. After the issuing of the tickets, no refund on the fare is provided.


The passenger and the vehicles must be at the check in point an hour before travelling. If the passenger or the driver misses the departure, they are not entitled to any refund. Passengers must present to the authorized personnel of the vessel their ticket, passport, identity card or other valid travel documents. The company reserves  the right to deny embarkation to any individual who, according to the best of company's knowledge, does not appear to possess valid travel documents or fails to prove, beyond doubt, his/her identity. During embarkation and voyage, Financial Officer conducts ticket controls. While these checks take place the passengers are obliged to demonstrate both their tickets and the supporting documents concerning a commercial reduction in the case that a reduction ticket has been issued. Any passenger, who wish to change the destination that is on the ticket, must notify the Financial Officer and pay the difference. Passengers, who travel to a different destination than the one that appears on the ticket, will be amenable to a fine and other legal procedures.

Any passenger who travels without ticket will be delivered to the Port Authority as a stowaway.


In the event of prohibition of departure due to bad weather conditions or due to official orders from port authorities, the company claims no responsibility for possible delay or cancelation of the trip. In that case, passengers can modify their tickets or get a refund of the full amount paid for the ticket. The shipping company reserves the right (with approval of Mercantile Marine Ministry) to replace the ferry a ticket was issued for, with another ferry. The routes are subject to modifications and are published in our website www.12ne.gr.


7 days prior the departure of the ship: Tickets are cancelled without charge or can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
7 days until 1 hour prior the departure of the ship: A 50% cancellation charge is applied or alternatively tickets can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
After the departure: Tickets cannot be canceled, cannot be converted to open date tickets, and cannot travel another date.
The passenger may convert a ticket to open date ticket until one hour prior the departure of the vessel (the departure date/time that appears on the ticket). The open date ticket then will be valid for a period of one year from the initial travel date that appears on the ticket. To change an open ticket to a regular ticket please contact the company and all affiliated travel agencies presenting the open ticket you wish to change or the reservation code of the open eticket.
Tickets cannot be cancelled via telephone. Tickets can be cancelled or converted only from the travel agency that issued them or by the company's central port agent.


In case of ticket loss, it can not be replaced or refunded. The passenger must issue a new ticket in order to board. If the lost tickets are found by the passenger, he should send a request to [email protected] or to the agency where the tickets were issued. When the original tickets are presented, the company's records will be checked and if they have not been used, then their entire cost will be refunded.


It is strictly forbidden to carry guns, explosive materials or other dangerous substances or materials on board. Smoking on board is prohibited within the Vessel's interior. For reasons concerning the safety of the Vessel and the passengers as well as the protection of the environment, you are kindly requested not to throw cigarettes which have not been extinguished inside or outside the Vessel or overboard.

Passengers must abide by all safety regulations during embarkation, disembarkation and voyage, meet hygiene rules and conduct themselves in a respectful manner towards fellow passengers and crew. Furthermore, they must abide by every order given by the Master or direction given by members of the crew during the voyage and address the competent members of the crew if a problem arises.

Complaints during the trip should be addressed to the vessel's Master or Staff Captain. Upon arrival complaints may be addressed to the shipping company.


During pregnancy, pregnant women are allowed to aboard by the end of the 26th week and they are required to provide a medical certificate of travel capacity.

The Carrier reserves the right to request a medical certificate at any stage of pregnancy and to refuse passage if it is not satisfied that the passenger will be safe during the journey



1. Passengers not having reached the age of 12:

They are not allowed to travel without a companion. Passenger identity checks for underage who have not reached the age of 12 are carried out on the basis of their identity card or passport and for domestic trips, any other official document or any relevant certificate of identity by the Police or relevant authorities

2. Passengers who have reached the age of 15 (15 to 18 years):

The transfer of unaccompanied minors between 15years and 18 years old,  is permitted subject to the delivery of a declaration of their parent or guardian to the Company certified with the authentic signature of the Police or Port Principle, in which the parent or guardian will declare that he consents to the transfer of the minor, acknowledges that it is not possible and will not be under the supervision of the master and / or officers and / or crew members during the journey and until they land at the port of destination and that the parent or guardian will compensate and fully discharge the Company and its personnel from any loss, damage or expense resulting from the minor's journey. The identity check of minors shall be carried out on the basis of their identity card or passport. Parents or legal guardians of minors shall in all cases be in full responsibility for the acquisition and possession - before the commencement of the journey of minors - of appropriate, valid and legitimate travel documents,as well as any accompanying documents that may be required at the port of destination.

 Relevant declaration forms are available at the Customer Services Dept., tel.: +30-2241070590, e-mail: [email protected], as well as at the local port offices of the company.

Under no circumstances will the Company be liable if the Authorities of the port of destination consider these travel documents to be inadequate.


Our vessels have specially designed cabins with easy access and operation to accommodate passengers with special needs.


Passengers are entitled to carry free of charge luggage up to 40 kg and 0.5 m3. During the voyage, luggage remains in the garage into specially designed areas. However, because it is prohibited to access the garage of the Vessel while travelling, passengers must take with them any personal belongings they might need during the voyage. Money, securities and other valuable objects can be handed to the Vessel's Purser's Office for safe keeping. The Vessel and the Company bear no responsibility for theft or loss of money, securities or other valuable objects inside the Vessel, in the case that they have not been entrusted with for safekeeping. In case of loss of personal belongings, passengers can address the Company.


For your better service you can deliver your small parcels or envelopes at our head offices in 50 Australias St. or to our ticketing office located in Kolona port even a few days before the departure. From that point we undertake their safe delivery to our ship and the location of your choice.  Carriage of guns, cartridges, explosive, flammable, combustible and in general hazardous material is strictly prohibited. The cost estimation is based on dimensions and weight of the package, number of packages and destination point. The sender is obliged to state his contact data and the contact data of the recipient. If the package contains money, securities and other valuable objects must be handed to the Vessel's boatswain for safe keeping. Sender must inform the Vessel's boatswain in case the package requires cooling or deep freezing, otherwise the company claims no responsibility for possible damage. In case the recipient does not receive the package, then it is returned to the departure port and if the sender wishes to resend it, there is an extra charge. The Vessel and the Company bear no responsibility for theft or loss of money, securities or other valuable objects inside the Vessel, in the case that they have not been entrusted with for safekeeping.

More information you may find here.



On the high-speed boats "DODEKANISOS EXPRESS" and "DODEKANISOS PRIDE" the maximum possible vehicle height is 1.90m. without rooftop cargo carrier, while on the conventional ship "Panagia Skiadeni" the maximum height is 4.20m. 

For unaccompanied vehicles (RO/RO) it is necessary to fill out a form and hand it in with the ticket upon boarding.
Find the Form here


In the framework of the implementation of the current legislative of Law 4830/2021 / Official Gazette Issue A' 169/18.09.2021, passengers traveling with a Companion, Therapy or Assistance animal must necessarily declare the animal during the booking of their tickets.

The animal's presence in interior common areas of the ship (cabins, bars, etc.) is strictly prohibited. The Company's vessels have special exterior areas for pets. Domestic animals must always be accompanied by their owner, they must be tied (with a leash or chain) and they must wear a muzzle if they are outside of their cage. Passengers traveling with a pet must always have with them a recently updated health booklet and they are responsible for its care, security and hygiene. We would like to remind you that we verify your details upon boarding so please have your personal identification information handy.

For any further questions or remarks, passengers can address the Company, either via telephone +3022410 70590 or via e-mail [email protected]