1. All passengers above 18 years of age are entitled to participate in Miles & Bonus program DODEKANISOS Bonus Ways runned by DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS, and children 11-17 years old with their parental consent.
  2. The discount provided to members refers only to passengers and not their vehicles.
  3. The membership card is strictly personal and it can not be transferred or assigned to another person by the card’s member – owner.
  4. DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS is entitled to perform a check on members requiring an identity card or passport.
  5. DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS is entitled to withdraw or differentiate the terms and conditions of the miles & bonus program without any prior warning or notice, but only in special cases, such as termination or suspension of the program.
  6. In order for the member’s application to be accepted in the program, the application form must be fully completed and signed by the potential member.
  7. The application form must be completed here. In case the application form is completed within the ship it must be placed in the special box with the relevant sign that is located inside the ships. Moreover, this document can be found in the collaborating travel agencies.
  8. The members are entitled to exchange their miles, since they have completed the required number of miles that have been set by DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS.
  9. While completing and signing the program’s application form (with the completion and sending via e-mail in case of electronic sending) the passenger provides automatically his/her consent to DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS according to L. 2472/97 for the use, elaboration and further promotion of the personal data, that concern him/her exclusively, for the aim of this program.
  10. DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS is entitled to convey the members’ personal data to the collaborating companies – that provide the offers for the program for operational, IT, statistical or even historical reasons.
  11. The program’s members are entitled to have access to their personal data anytime for information reasons as well as for objection to the further elaboration of them, based on article 13 L. 2472/97, for the protection of personal data.
  12. Τhe registration of a new Bonus Ways Card, will automatically delete the the old member card and all the miles tha have already collected.