The purchase of passenger and vehicle tickets can be made as follows:

  • at our company's Kiosks at Kolona Port and Akandia Port 
  • at our company's headquarters located at 50 Afstralias Street
  • electronically through this corporate website www.12ne.gr
  • via phone at 22410 70590 using your credit card and ID card
  • at all our cooperating central travel agencies in the Dodecanese
  • at all cooperating travel agencies within and outside Greece
  • through our company's application


The issue of parcel transport receipts is done only at the central agencies and by the Financial Officer on board.

Each passenger's ticket is individual, nominal and non-transferable.

Passengers must secure their seats promptly; especially during peak periods of passenger traffic (i.e. summer months).

Tickets purchased by phone or through the company's website are intangible and passengers can board by displaying the QR code sent via email or SMS when issuing tickets.

EURO is the official currency of transactions.


According to Presidential Decree 120/1997 (Government Gazette 110A), the Company has installed and uses an Electronic System for Reservation and Issuance of Passenger Tickets and Vehicle Transport Receipts (I.S.K.THE.E.A.)

According to EU Directive 98/41, as adopted by the P.D. 23/1999 (G.G. 17A), as amended and exists according to the P.D. 102/2019 (G.G. 182A), on the registration of persons traveling on passenger ships operating to or from Community Ports, the essential data for the possible registration of passengers are the passenger's surname, passenger's name (in full), gender-man/woman, nationality and date of birth.

Passengers must, when booking online or issuing a ticket, provide the contact telephone number and e-mail address, for the sole purpose of being informed by the company in case of delay or cancellation of the ship's itinerary. In case the passenger does not wish to disclose contact details, this shall be recorded in writing by the issuer on the ticket. In case of online booking, the passenger fills in his/her contact details in the relevant online form or fills in the option "I do not wish to be informed in case of delay or cancellation of the trip". Also, the passenger must check when issuing the ticket the correctness of the information indicated on the ticket (date, time, itineraries, ship, identity data, etc.) and not to receive it in case of incorrect entry.

According to the circular of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy with prot. No.: 2432.6-8/61907/2022 it is necessary to record pet data in the (I.S.K.THE.E.A.) system. The transfer and stay of pet animals is carried out in accordance with REGULATION (EC) 998/2003 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 26th May 2003 and P.D. 101/1995 (G.G. 61A).


The ticket price (fare) includes the passenger's transportation to the port of destination, in the only airplane type seats available on the ships, as well as the respective legal charges on it. The ticket price does not include snacks and beverages from the ship's bar. The ticket prices of the company are listed in detail on our corporate website. The company grants discounts to passengers according to its commercial policy. Indicatively:

Infants and toddlers up to four (4) years (11) months and (29) days old travel free of charge.

Children from (5) years to ten (10) years (11) months and (29) days old are entitled to a 50% discount on the fare.

Seniors 20% discount on individual tickets for passengers over the age of 75

It is valid for routes operated by all the vessels of the company.

Families with 3 children and more are entitled to a 50% discount on the fare.
It is necessary to present your personal card of the Association of Large Families verified for the current year when issuing tickets and boarding the ship. 

Persons with reduced mobility with a disability rate of 80% or more are entitled to a 50% discount on the fare. It is necessary to present supporting documents when issuing tickets and boarding the ship. 

In cases where holders of discount tickets do not have the required supporting documents, they must pay the fare difference.

For the transport of groups of passengers, the specific agreements with the company will apply on a case-by-case basis.

Discounts are not cumulative. If there is more than one discount, only the largest discount applies.

Passengers who are entitled to discounts must declare this when booking their seats and present all the necessary supporting documents both when issuing the respective discount tickets and when boarding the ship. Once the ticket has been issued, no fare difference is refunded.


The passenger must arrive at the ship sixty minutes (60) before the scheduled departure of the ship, as must the passenger with a vehicle. If the passenger arrives after the departure, he/she is not entitled to a fare refund. Passenger must present his/her ticket, passport, identity card or other valid travel documents upon boarding. For minor children (infants, toddlers) their health booklet must be presented. The company reserves the right not to allow a passenger to travel if it considers that he/she does not have the required valid travel documents. During the trip, regular checks are carried out and each passenger is obliged to present his/her ticket and valid travel documents. Passenger must keep the coupon of his ticket and present it at every check until disembarkation. A passenger wishing to change a destination from the one indicated on his/her ticket, must declare it to the ship's financial officer by paying the fare difference. A passenger who is found after checking that he/she has a ticket with a destination other than the one indicated on his ticket, in addition to the monetary fine he will pay, himself alone, faces the prescribed penalties. A passenger who is found after checking that he/she has not issued a ticket will be handed over to the Port Authority as a stowaway.

According to Article 108 of the Code of Public Maritime Law (G.G. 261A/1973), the captain ensures that no drugs, other than those authorized for medical use and with his permission, as well as alcohol, enter the ship. Items imported in violation of the above laws shall be confiscated by the captain and delivered as soon as possible to the port or consular authority.

According to Article 109 of the Code of Public Maritime Law (G.G. 261A/1973), the Captain ensures that weapons and flammable or dangerous materials do not enter the ship without his permission. Items imported in violation of the above laws shall be confiscated by the captain, ordering their safekeeping or destruction. Items saved are delivered as soon as possible to the port or consular authority.

According to Article 110 of the Code of Public Maritime Law (G.G. 261A/1973), the captain may request the obstruction of the embarkation of persons suffering from infectious diseases or dangerous psychopaths. He may also request the obstruction of embarkation of persons in need of assistance (psychopaths, blind, paralyzed, minors) if they are not escorted by their relatives or family.

According to Article 111 of the Code of Public Maritime Law (G.G. 261A/1973), the Captain may request the disembarkation of a passenger who seriously disturbs the order of the ship at sea or in cases where there are reasonable indications that his/her further stay will create risks to the other passengers on board.


In case of prohibition of sailing following orders from the Ministry of Mercantile Marine or the Port Authorities, due to bad weather or force majeure (e.g. prohibition of departure due to weather conditions), the company bears no responsibility for the possible delay, modification or cancellation of the itinerary. In case the departure is prohibited according to orders from the port authorities, the Ministry of M.M. or the company or for reasons of force majeure, the passenger is entitled to modify his/her ticket or to be refunded the price of his ticket without any other obligation of the company to the passenger*. The company is entitled, after approval by the Ministry of M.M., to replace the ship with another ship. Itineraries are subject to changes that are immediately notified on the corporate website www.12ne.gr

*Any modification or cancellation of a ticket can be made within six (6) months.


Up to 7 days prior to departure: Tickets are cancelled without cancellation fees or converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.

Up to 12 hours prior to departure: 50% cancellation fees are withheld or alternatively tickets can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
The passenger has the option to convert their ticket into an open-date ticket with a validity of one year from the original travel date. Within this period, up to three ticket changes can be made. It is necessary to present the thermal ticket or provide the reservation code in the case of an e-ticket. 
In case of cancellation of the open-date ticket, the cancellation policy of the original ticket applies.

Up to the departure: 50% cancellation fees are withheld; tickets cannot be converted to open date, while date change is not possible.

After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date, while date change is not possible.


Passenger has the option to convert his/her ticket into an open date ticket up to 12 hours prior to departure (as indicated on the ticket) and its duration will be valid for one year from the indicated date. 

In case passenger wishes to travel on a date with a higher fare than the fare paid, then he/she must pay the difference between the current fare and the fare paid.

The replacement of intangible tickets (e-ticket) can be made via telephone contact with the headquarters of our company at 2241070590, by mentioning the reservation code. 

For the replacement of thermal tickets, it is essential to present the original ticket and can be done either at the issuing agency or at the shipping agent designated by the company in each port.

 In case of cancellation of the open ticket, the cancellation policy of the original ticket applies.

Tickets issued from the official website, the application or the offices of our company can be canceled via phone.  Otherwise, the cancellation of tickets can be made either at the issuing agency or at the shipping agent designated by the company in each port


In case of ticket loss, the ticket cannot be replaced or refunded. In order to board, the passenger must issue a new ticket. If the lost tickets are found by the passenger, he/she should send a request to [email protected] or the agency that issued the tickets. When the original tickets are presented*, the company's records will be checked and if they have not been used, then their full cost will be refunded.

*Original tickets must be presented within six (6) months in order to be cancelled.


It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons, explosives, flammable, incendiary and generally dangerous materials on board. Smoking is not allowed indoors but only outdoors. For safety reasons of the voyage and protection of the environment, passengers are prohibited from throwing lit cigarettes and garbage indoors or outdoors or at sea. 

Passengers must comply with all safety regulations during embarkation, disembarkation and sailing, keep public order on board and comply with hygiene rules. In addition, they must comply with any command of the Captain or instructions of the crew members during the trip and contact the competent crew members in case of problem. For any complaint during the trip, passengers must contact the captain or the first officer of the ship and after the end of the trip to the company.


During pregnancy, pregnant women are allowed to board until the end of the 26th week and are required to present a medical certificate of fitness to travel.

The Carrier reserves the right to request a medical certificate at any stage of pregnancy and refuse transit if he is not sure that the passenger will be safe during the journey


1. Minor passengers under the age of 15:

They are not allowed to travel unaccompanied. The Identity Check for minor passengers who have not reached the age of 15 is carried out based on their identity card or passport and for domestic travel, any other official document or relevant identity certificate from the KEP or the Police is accepted.

2. Minor passengers aged 15 (15 to 18 years old):

The transfer of unaccompanied minors aged 15 to 18 is permitted provided that a statement by the parent or guardian is delivered to the Company, authenticated by the Police or Port Authority or by Gov.gr, stating that he/she consents to the transfer of the minor, acknowledging that it is not possible and he/she will not be under the supervision of the Captain and/or the officers and/or crew members during the trip and until disembarkation at the port of destination and that the parent or guardian will compensate and fully relieve the Company and its staff from any loss, damage or expense that will arise from the minor's trip. The Identity Check of underage passengers is carried out based on their identity card or passport. The parents or legal guardians of minors are in any case fully responsible for obtaining and possessing – prior to the start of the minors' journey - the appropriate, valid and legal travel documents, as well as all accompanying documents that may be required at the port of destination.

Relevant statements are available from the Customer Service Department, tel. 2241070590, e-mail: [email protected] as well as at the local port offices of the company or from Gov.gr.

You can also download it here: Solemn Declaration of Minor

Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable if the authorities of the port of destination consider these travel documents insufficient.


The company's ships have special accommodation areas for people with special needs with easy access to the ship, since they do not need to be transferred to an upper deck. The ship's crew is always available to facilitate and assist in any way.


Passengers are entitled to carry hand luggage weighing up to 40kg and 0.5m3. Luggage is placed in special areas in the vehicle compartment and passengers are not allowed access during the trip. Passengers must keep with them personal belongings that will be needed during the trip. Passenger must, in case they carry money, securities and other valuables either bring them along with their personal belongings on board or hand them over for safekeeping to the ship's Financial Officer. In case of theft or damage or loss of luggage, money, securities and other valuables in common areas of the ship, the company and the crew bear no responsibility, when their special safekeeping has not been requested by the Financial Officer. In case of loss of personal belongings, the passenger is advised to contact the company's staff.


For your convenience, you can deliver your parcels or envelopes to our headquarters at 50 Afstralias Street or to our kiosk in Kolona port, even a few days before the itinerary. From there, we undertake their safe delivery to our ship, for the destination of your choice.

It is forbidden to transport prohibited substances, weapons, explosives, flammable and generally dangerous materials.


Parcels are charged based on the kilos and pick-up destination. 


The sender must provide his contact details, as well as that of the recipient.

The sender must, if the packages or envelopes contain money, securities and other valuables, deliver them for special safekeeping to the ship's quartermaster. Otherwise, the company bears no responsibility for any theft or loss.

The sender must, in case the parcels need refrigeration or freezing, inform the quartermaster. Otherwise, the company bears no responsibility for any damage to their content.


The parcels are unloaded at their destination port and the recipient must be at the port to pick them up. If the recipient does not receive the parcel, then it is returned to the port from where it was sent and charged again in case the sender wishes to resend it.

More information can be found here.



  • Via phone 22410 70590 using card or bank deposit
  • Physically present in Rhodes or Samos
  • At our partner agencies
  • On our official website or application 

A prerequisite is the dispatch of the vehicle registration certificate.

In high-speed boats "DODEKANISOS EXPRESS" and "DODEKANISOS PRIDE" the maximum possible vehicle height is 1.90m. without trailer, while on the conventional ship "Panagia Skiadeni" 4.20m.

For unaccompanied vehicles, it is necessary to fill in a form and deliver it along with the ticket upon boarding.

The transport of unaccompanied vehicles carrying dangerous goods is not permitted.

The carriage of unaccompanied electric or pure electric vehicles is not permitted. 

Find the completion form here


According to Law. 4830/2021 "New framework for the welfare of companion animals – Program "ARGOS" and other provisions", passengers traveling with pets must necessarily issue a ticket, which will indicate the details of the animal (Animal Health Booklet Number or ID Number, marking number, size and category of animal). 

According to the current legislation, pets during the trip remain in specially designed pet storage areas located outside the ships under the personal supervision of their escort. Companion, therapy or assistance animals should always be accompanied, leashed and must wear a muzzle. Their escort must have their recently updated health booklet with them and be responsible for their care, safety and hygiene during the trip. We remind you that passenger details are confirmed during the boarding process (check in) on board, so it is mandatory to have the necessary documents with them.

For more information please contact us by calling 2241070590 or send an email to [email protected]