Kastellorizo, just 800 meters away from the shores of Asia Minor, proudly stands between two continents. A small rock in the Aegean that gathers all the beauty and the fearless soul of the Dodecanese people. A strategic point, a crossroad of countries and cultures that fought, resisted and managed to remain one of the most beautiful end points of the Aegean, while its nautical tradition can be compared with the biggest islands of Greece. It is the ideal destination for those who seek quiet holidays. Once you arrive on the island you will discover from the very first moment all the graciousness of the Aegean, while sea turtles will welcome you in the harbor as they play in the clear blue waters. 

Kastellorizo became globally known in 1991 as the film “Mediterraneo” about World War II’ was shot there, that finally won an Oscar as well as people’s impressions. 

Castello Rosso 

Built on the red rock, Castello Rosso, literally meaning Red Castle in Italian, gifted its name to the island. This name was given due to the limestone rock of the castle that takes a reddish shade when hit by the sun. 

Today only some ruins are saved. The route to the castle is ascending, through picturesque stone paved alleys. During the ascend you will find the Archaeological Museum of Kastellorizo. 

From the castle you will enjoy panoramic views to the island’s settlement, as well as to the surrounding islets. The magnificent view especially during evening hours or the very first morning hours will reward you!

Boat ride to “Blue Cave”

Beyond expectations! Through a magical way, the sun light reflects the bottom of the cave and paints the water with the colour of the Aegean, the unique Aegean blue! This impressive location is not only popular to visitors as well as to the Mediterranean seals, that is why it is also called “Fokiali”. The visit to this unique Cave is made only by boat. Move towards the centre of the cave and before diving at the blue waters, look high and admire one of the most beautiful and rare geological phenomena in the world: magnificent, white stalagmites hung from the roof. When the sun light touches them they produce unique colourings. 

Take a boat and explore

Visit the close by islets and enjoy swimming in exotic waters!

  • Ro: green, paradise island, next to Kastellorizo, with sandy beach and crystal waters like a swimming pool. There you will also find the monument of Despoina Achladioti. That famous Lady of Ro, the sole inhabitant of the island who raised the Greek flag for many decades until her death in 1982.
  • Stroggyli Megistis or Ypsili: a beautiful small island in the east side of Kastellorizo with its characteristic lighthouse. The waters are cool and crystal clear. Its ground is rocky, without trees and covered by bushes and brushwoods. Stroggyli Megistis is the closest island of Greece to Cyprus since it is just 141 nautical miles away.
  • Agios Georgios: islet located on the west of Kastellorizo. Swim to the turquoise waters and enjoy your food next to the graphic church.

Visit to Puzzles Museum 

Puzzles Museum is an area for visit, thinking, history and search. Even though it looks like a playroom, it is a special and unique area with the biggest collection of riddles in Greece and of the biggest globally. It is also the unique 3d Puzzles Museum. It hosts 4.000 exhibits, many of which were invented and constructed by the founder of the museum. 


Kastellorizo is different from the other islands, since it does not have beaches with sand for swimming. There is only one small beach with sand and pebbles next to the harbour in Mandraki. In this island however, you will find the most amazing and special locations for swimming!

Around the island there are famous rocks and platforms where you can dive from and swim to the crystal waters of Kastellorizo.

It may sound strange, but the experience is fascinating!

Most popular locations are:

  • Faros [Lighthouse]
  • Kavos
  • Plakes
  • Limani [Harbour]

Local products & delicacies

  • Salantourmasi (stuffed onions)
  • Katoumari (traditional pie with flour and butter sprinkled with sugar, clove and cinnamon)  
  • Strava (syrup desserts)
  • Chickpea patties