A land full of charm and hidden treasures. The lack of vehicles, serenity and romantic atmosphere that emerge from this land, provide all the standards for relaxing holidays on a traditional island of the Aegean. Life in an island is simple, with no rush. You can spend hours wandering on the picturesque alleys or diving to the island’s beaches.

A touch of Mythology

Titans where the first residents of Chalki and those who ruled the earth before the Olympian gods. The King of Titans was Cronus, who was dethroned by the son of Zeus. Almost all Titans fought with Cronus against Zeus and were finally cast into Tartatus. 

Tour on the island 

The only settlement of the island, Nimporio, amphitheatrically adorns the harbour, where fishermen cast their catch in the mornings and their nets in the evenings to prepare them for the following day. Neoclassical buildings, two-floor renovated traditional houses which literally “enter” the sea, with ceramic roofs and many windows, painted in the colors of ocher and land, taken from a painter’s palette, compose the image of the island’s nobility. 

Strolls in the paved alleys 

Strolls in the paved alleys between the traditional and renovated houses offer the sense of another era. Peacefulness and tranquillity that exist in the island create a special sense of relaxation and rest, away from the sounds and the hustle of the city. As you walk in the alleys, look for the neoclassical building of the Town Hall, made in 19th century, as well as the stone Watch Tower, which stands high and overbearing next to it.

With a boat to Alimia 

Between Chalki and Rhodes, there is a small islet, Alimia, which you can visit with the boats that perform day trips. There, you can swim at a beautiful beach with crystal blue waters and visit a lake with sea water. 

Visit to the Old Village 

Old Village is an abandoned medieval settlement, 2.5 km. from the port that used to be the old capital of the island. At the top of the hill, the panoramic view is magic and they eye reaches up to the neighbouring Rhodes. The Castle of the Knights is found there, a building of the 14th century, at the entrance of which there is the coat of arms of the Grand Master, while in the Castle’s interior there is the deserted church of Agios Nikolaos with murals of the 15th – 17th century. 

Church of Agios Ioannis of Alarga 

Light blue dome and white walls make the Monastery so special. In the yard there is an enormous cypress hill which offers its shade to relax. From this point, due to its altitude, the view is breathtaking.

Church of Archangel Michael of Palarniotis  

At the hill of Agios Onoufrios, 5km. from the port, you will meet the Monastery of Archangel Michael of Palarniotis. Here, you can admire images and oblations of the 19th century and meet the traditional Dodecanesean art, as at the monastery’s floor there are various designs inspired by the west and made by small stones.  


Chalki does not have many sandy beaches to swim. There is only a small sandy beach with crystal waters next to the port. However in this island you can have the most beautiful and special wake up when you will dive straight from your room when you open your eyes in the morning!

  • Pontamos: the most famous beach of the island, just 10 minutes from the port. It has white sandy beach and crystal waters and is organized with umbrellas and tavernas with tasty delicacies and seafood. Here, you can enjoy atmospheric nights with a drink next to the sea.
  • Kania: a beach with impressive turquoise waters, pebbles, umbrellas and sunbeds. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood as well as traditional Greek dishes next to the sea.
  • Gyali: a small and beautiful beach with blue-green enchanting waters and pebbles.
  • Ftenagia: rocky with pebbles, clear turquoise waters and tamarisks. It has umbrellas, sun beds and a taverna.
  • Areta: small beach with turquoise waters surrounded by tall rocks. It is only accessible by boat.
  • Tracheia: a magnificent scenery with paradise waters! A land strip surrounded by 2 seas. The beach is accessible only by boat. 

Local delicacies & products

  • Traditional makarounes from Chalki (handmade pasta)
  • Koulia from Chalki (handmade shell shaped pasta)
  • Lamb ofto (stuffed with rice and spices)
  • Small shrimp from Chalki
  • Local cheeses, such as axevotiriasto and mizithra (sweet and salty version)
  • Local honey served on loukoumades and xerotigana