Between Samos and Ikaria there is a cluster of three small islands, Fourni, Thymena and Agios Minas. Fourni is the biggest of the three and is the ideal destination for quiet and relaxing holidays, away from popular resorts and mass tourism. 

The miniature Chora with the picturesque houses and alleys that smell sea and Greek summer, is the island’s central settlement. Just few kilometers away is Kampi, with the three Mills at its entrance. The second largest village of Fourni is Chrysomilia, a quiet amphitheatrically built small village with beautiful beach and tavernas. Most settlements are found in this island, while in the neighboring Thymena there are two picturesque villages. 


Visit at the Acropolis of Fourni

The Acropolis of Fourni is located at the hill of Agios Georgios. The ancient parts, ruins of the Acropolis were found in this point which is the evidence of the island’s tradition. At this part a section of the Cyclopean wall is saved, prehistoric castle with big carved stones. Stones are also saved with inscriptions mentioning the gods of Samothraki, the owner of the Acropolis and an inscription dedicated to god Hermes. 

The view from this point is breathtaking. 

The Ancient quarry in Petrokopio

In Fourni there are various ancient marble quarries, but the most impressive is the beach quarry in Petrokopio, which operated at the Roman era. It was located close to the sea in order to facilitate the transfer of marble pieces. On the beach, at the seafront, you will find pillars that were ready to be transferred. 

Walk in the ancient settlement of Kamari

The ancient settlement of Kamari is located at the west side of Kamari settlement. In the area, relics of an ancient settlement and tombs are saved. You will also see remains of granite and limestone, while in the yard of Archangelon you will find striped pillars made from granite and rectangular marble plates. 

Walk in Thymena

A walk in tiny Thymena will offer you moments of unique peach and serenity. An island of 150 residents, untouched and uninfected by the development of tourism. Hospitable people, traditions, fresh fish, clean seas and magnificent and meticulous landscapes, create a unique experience for visitors of the island. It is the ideal destination for those who seek relaxation and privacy, away from daily stress. 


  • Psili Ammos: one of the most popular and famous beaches of the island, ideal for young people. It is relatively small, with thin sand, shallow waters and beach bar. It is a partially organized beach as it has few umbrellas and sunbeds. It is located at Fourni settlement and it is easily accessible.
  • Chrysomilia: a beautiful beach with thin sand and shallow clear waters. You can access it either through an unmade road or through sea with a boat.
  • Agia Triada: a beautiful and small beach with big tamarisks and clear blue waters. It is located at the north end of the island and it is easily accessible.
  • Mpali: an oblong deserted beach with sand, pebbles and crystal waters. It is accessible either through a narrow path or though sea.
  • Petrokopio: quite big and quiet, with white vertical rocks and turquoise waters. It is accessible either through sea or through a path.
  • Kamari: a beautiful beach with sand, pebbles, big rocks and deep waters. It is a non organized beach, but there are trees for shade. At the seabed of this beach there are the ruins of the ancient city. At the opposite side of the beach there is the church of Agios Minas.
  • Kampi: a beautiful beach with sand, pebbles, tamarisks and calm blue waters. 1km. away from the port with accommodations, tavernas and shops. Access is easy and is made through stairs leading to the sea.
  • Vlyhada: the southern beach of the island, located in an oblong cove. It is peaceful and isolated with calm, crystal, shallow and warm waters. It is not organized with no natural shade.
  • Kasidi: a beautiful beach with gold sand, crystal sea and tranquility, located between Glyfada and Agios Ioannis. The beach is popular to nudists.
  • Keramidou: a peaceful cove with sand and tamarisks for shade. It is located in the island of Thymena and it is accessible either by foot from the settlement of Thymena or by taxi boat. 

 Local products & delicacies  

  • kid with rice and local herbs
  • karivolous (snails)
  • favatopitakia
  • koukoumavla (bread with salt and oil)
  • soufiko (vegetable stew)
  • pougkakia (pies with fennel and mizithra)
  • local orange juice
  • honey
  • koulouria and spoon sweets
  • goat cheese and mizithra